Is Your Website Dead!

The website design world is forever changed and your website may be dead and you not even know it.

In fact, if it’s not dead now, it probably will be soon.



Specifically WordPress custom installed blogs.

Active content, loved by Google, and totally flexible for any design needs.

Any keyword can be dominated by a smart marketer using blogs. They have built in SEO functionality, from SEO optimization plugins to built in linking functions. From RSS feeds to automation capability. And even more importantly, via the comments sections immediate interaction and relationship building can begin. Professional SEO optimized marketing blogs rule.

Compared to a properly tuned blog, a static HTML website is like a truck compared to a sportscar.

Passive content, typically rarely updated, most not SEO optimnized, and if they are, usually optimized for the wrong keywords. Difficult to update with no flexiblity and no interactivity.

The bottom line, if you’re not blogging, you should be. If you aren’t marketing with a wordpress blog, you should be. Why not use something the search engines love?

Time to move into the 21st century if you haven’t.

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