7 Website Design Tips To Strengthen Your Website Response

I see business owners wasting their money everyday on websites that are doomed from the beginning.


Because they suffer from one of these seven serious mistakes.

Before we get into these critical issues of websites, let me share some things with you first.

You have less than 10 seconds to attract and keep your website visitor. That’s right, your visitor is making a judgment about your business in less time than it takes to say hello and shake hands.

How does your website say hello?

How are you grabbing their hand and keeping your visitors?

Did you know only 1 in 10 websites ever make a sale, did you know only 10% of websites get this right?

It still amazes me so many business owners get it wrong.

You need to understand this, and learn it well. Your visitor is stopping by to see you because they are looking for a solution to their problem. That’s it – period.

They are not coming to make friends, they are not coming to hear about you, they are coming because they have a problem they need solved, and if your website doesn’t make it immediately clear you have the solution to their problem – you can kiss them goodbye.

We live in a fast paced, satisfy me now world. People looking for solutions want them fast, and it’s your job to make sure you wave the solution in their face and keep them reading.

So here’s a list for you. i

If your website has, does, or doesn’t do these things, you may as well take it outside and shoot it – for it’s dead anyway.

1. Do you present your visitor with a big, full page flash presentation that is a commercial for your company?

If so, you can count your visitor gone almost instantly. Again, your visitor is not coming to hear about you, they don’t care about you, they care about a solution to their problem.

Get this, the internet is about Reality, not Corporate Commercialism.

People don’t want to watch your company commercial, anymore than they want to watch commercials on Television.

They care about one thing.

What’s In It For Me? – and that’s it!

2. Does Your Copy Suck?

Does the copy for your website start off something like this?

“Welcome to XYZ Company.

XYX has been in business for over 20 years. We have a team of professionals, a highly trained staff…blah, blah, blah.”

Wave bye-bye to your visi-poo.

They don’t care how long you’ve been in business. You aren’t addressing their problem.

I was looking at a local bathroom site the other day. They had that exact headline as well as pretty much everything else exact….as do most businesses.

Listen, if your headline doesn’t grab people they won’t stay.

Instead of “Welcome to XYZ Bath”, how about something like this instead?

You Can Dance Naked Under a Gentl, Warm Tropical Rain Everyday In Your New Custom Bath!

Tell me, which website would you stay on and read? Are you starting to see the point?

Copy is King – Your Headline and Lead In are what keeps people on your site.

Remember this simple copywriting formula. AIDA – Attention (Headline) + Interest (Lead In) + Desire (sell benefits, create emotion) + Action (Ask for order, ask for email, tell people what YOU want them to do next).

This is the formula for success in a nutshell – with any copy. Website copy, advertising copy – any copy. Now go change your website.

3. You sell features instead of benefits.

People don’t want to know the features of your product, they want to know how those features benefit them. Does your product save them time, money, make life more convenient, give them an advantage – what does it do? How does it make their life easier? How does it solve their problem?

Everything in selling evolves around creating emotion.

Did you know every buying decision is triggered by emotion?

Now you may say – Oh No – everything I buy is a logical decision. WRONG!

Everything you buy is an emotional decision whether you know it or not.

Did you know scientific studies prove it?

That’s right, scientists have discovered that people who have severe brain injuries damaging or destroying the emotional center are incapable of making a decision of any type. They can’t even decide to tie their shoes, get dressed, what to eat or when to shower. Without help, they would wander aimlessly, completely unable to care for themselves.

What does that really say? It says that decisions are triggered by emotions. That is how the brain works. People must “feel” the need or want or desire for something, then they make the decision to buy.

Sell the “benefits” first which creates the emotions, then the visitor will justify the purchase based on the “features” of your product or service.

If your copy does not evoke emotion by selling benefits your website is toast – well, actually burnt toast!

You need to crawl inside your visitors skin, feel the emotions they feel, get inside their brain. When you do your sales will go through the roof.

4. Your copy is technical versus conversational.

Huge mistake. You should write like you are talking to your best friend or someone you’ve just met in a bar. Does your copy question?….lead, guide – hop….skip JUMP – and ask for a simple decision? Does it have personality? Is it warm?

Listen, and again – some of this goes back to number 2.

When people come into your store, do you run up to them and say – Welcome to XYZ Company – We’ve been in business 20 years, we have a staff of highly trained professionals…blah, blah, blah?

No, of course not, your customer would look at you like you were crazy and run, not walk, out the door.

You walk up to them and say something like – Hi, I’m Mary, How can I help you?

What are you looking for?

In other words – “What’s Your Problem and How Can I Offer You a Solution?”

Now, why do you do things differently on your website than you do in your store?

Why do you go from something that works, to something that doesn’t?

Quit trying to sound so high falutin’ and “professional”.

People want to be talked to like people.

People want to know what you can do for THEM!

5. I, We, Me, My, Our vs. – YOU!

Dump the personal pronouns – they don’t want to read about I, We, Me, My, Our or anything the quintiplets of doomed websites have to say. They want to know what’s in it for them, remember?

Speak to your visitor often using “You”. “You” is one of the most powerful 3 letter words in marketing, because “You” speaks directly to your customer, creating emotion by specifically addressing their problem personally.

Use “You” often in your headlines, in your copy and in your call to action. It creates desire, it creates emotion and when you make the call to action, they will answer it.

6. Try and write at a simple 4th grade level.

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid – right up there with AIDA.

The easier it is to read, the better. After all, it’s how we all learned.

Remember these?

See Dick Run, See Dick and Jane Run, See Dick and Jane run after Spot.


Keep your copy simple, and use lots of verbs. Active copy vs. passive. Did you know the greatest copywriters in the world actually do a test on their copy, counting adjectives vs. verbs? Active copy outsells 2-1 or more. The greatest ad campaigns in history used verbs at the rate of 25-30%. It engages readers, it causes them to take action.

Get rid of “that”.

Did you know that you can remove the “that” and leave the meaning the same most of the time?


Did you know you can remove…


Get rid of unnecessary words and sentences. Clean up your copy before putting it out to the masses. After you write it, go back and simplify it. If you can replace a 6 letter word with a 4 letter word, do it.

Write in short sentences.

Use no more than 2, and at the most 3, sentences per paragraph.

Simplify and succeed!


Wait, you say!

You said there were 7 – but I just read number 6 – so that means there are really 8 big mistakes.

Well, aren’t you clever? Actually, there are at least 42 deadly mistakes, but I didn’t feel like publishing a book and besides, you aren’t ready for the TRUTH…..:)

The other part boils down to marketing. 7 sells, 8 doesn’t. People are familiar with the famous “7 Deadly Sins”, not 8 or 42. Consider it a bonus.

Here they are…

No Call to Action and No Automated Client Acquisition System.

Think about it. You finally figure out how to get traffic to your site, and have no call to action, which boils down to not having a purpose for your website at all.

What do you want your visitor to do when they land on your page?

You must tell them. They are waiting for you to tell them. They want you to tell them.

They want you to justify their emotion and give them the nudge they are waiting for – just like you would do in your store.

Now why are we spending money to market? There is only one reason, and I am going to break it down to the ridiculous.

The only reason to market is to get a name and contact information.

Orders and Sales can only happen after you have those two primary things. As a business, those two primary things are the purpose for your being – profound!…:)

If you are not collecting a name and email in a fully automated client acquistion system you may as well close down your website. Depending on how good your “bribe” is, 10-70% of your visitors will give you their information.

Then your “system” follows up with them automatically, while you sleep, to sell your products or services.

And that is just the beginning. Properly automated back-end systems can automatically sell, upsell and downsale, do special self expiring one time offers, and a host of other things.

If your website isn’t harnessing the power of automation, you are not only losing money on your marketing, but also leaving thousands and thousands of dollars on the table in potential sales to people that have already told you they are interested in your product or service.

For more great tips on website design visit http://michaelbelba.com


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